Salt and Light Meeting Monday, October 15

Monday, October 15

The monthly Salt & Light Ministry meeting will be @ the Myrtle Wilks Community Center, Monday, 6pm, October 15. 

Our special guest is Jackie Schlegel, she has formed "Texans For Vaccine Choice".

When legislators are led astray and propose poorly written bills that will take away vaccine choice and parental rights, Jackie Schlegel steps up to the plate and says, "Not on my watch". In just over 3 years, Jackie took a group, "just a bunch of mom", and turned it into the epitome of grassroots activism. That fledgling group of 20 is now a political action committee nearing 18,000 followers, and thousands of members (and counting) who proudly call themselves "Texans For Vaccine Choice". Thanks to Jackie's endless energy and passion, this group is organized with local branches, core members, and team leaders. Her unshakable dedication inspires all members to have laser focus on one goal and one  goal only - to maintain vaccine choice in the great state of Texas.


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