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Eastland County Republican Party Chairman, Sean Schaefer contacted Republican Candidates Jon Glenn, Candidate for JP, Pct. 1 and Jason Marks, Candidate for County Commissioner, Pct.2 on Friday May, 13, at approximately 1:30 p.m. by electronic message stating, “Considering the circumstances the executive committee has voted 8-0 to cancel the forum/debate that was tentatively scheduled for Thursday May 3rd at FBC from 6:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. for the runoff election for JP Pct. 1 and County Commissioner Pct. 2 

It was confirmed by ECT, that the Eastland County Republican executive committee voted to have the debate/forum this week at the executive meeting, however when they contacted the runoff candidates to let them know about the event, two candidates, Chris Salinas Candidate for JP Pct. 1, and Martin Gohlke, Candidate for County Commissioner Pct. 2 each stated they would not attend.  Sean Schaffer then stated to Mr. Glenn and Mr. Marks “at that point the committee voted to cancel the event.” 

When asked to comment on this decision, Jon Glenn, Candidate for Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1 and primary vote winner stated, “I am highly disappointed that the voters of Eastland County will not be able to hear any debate or answers given by the candidates.  We “the JP candidates were not given the chance to make our views heard or answer voter questions at the Primary Justice of the Peace “Meet the Candidates” event earlier in the year, we were only allowed to give a five minute introduction of ourselves.  This much needed forum/debate was for the voter’s benefit to make the right decision before casting their final vote, so I am highly disappointed with the Republican Party’s decision, as should every voter in the County.”

Jason Marks, Candidate for County Commissioner Pct. 2, stated to ECT, “Recently, I was excited to hear that the Eastland County Republican Party was in the process of scheduling a debate for the candidates in the upcoming runoff election for Commissioner, Pct. 2 and JP, Pct. 1.  I was looking forward to further sharing my ideas and plans for the citizens and having another opportunity to hear from them and answer any questions.  I believed that it would have been beneficial for the voters to hear from both candidates who want to be your Commissioner, and be able to compare our experience and plans.  Sadly, I learned just yesterday from the Republican Party Chairman, that my opponent and a candidate for the position of JP stated that they would not participate in a debate, and as a result of their refusal to engage with their constituents and be questioned, the party’s executive committee voted to cancel the debate.  Please feel free to call or message me if you have questions.  If elected as your Commissioner, I will be accountable to you and I will never refuse to answer any of your questions or share my plans.”

Jason Marks and Jon Glenn stated to ECT they were not formally asked to participate in the debate.  Both candidates had heard the event had been set from other people.  Jason Marks and Jon Glenn both got confirmation of the event by two separate Pct. Chairpersons when they inquired (Jason Marks on April 11th and Jon Glenn on April 13th), so both candidates were told of the cancellation prior to being asked to participate.

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