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 A Motor Miracle On  East Main Eastland

    What many of us thought was just an auto parts house (think spark plugs and batteries) and a sign shop (remember the late Victor Cornelius started as a sign painter) many found much more Tuesday, Oct. 9, as the latest, hottest and just waiting to be discovered, one-of-the-best museums in Texas (in the building that once housed a bowling alley).
    It's Bryan Motor-Cycle One-of-a-Kind collection of his, his father and grandfathers and other's assorted trophies among his many collectibles of a "fast and furious far from ordinary," hobby and lifetime of speeding and roaring two wheelers. It's all here and much, much more.
    If you are lucky as we were at the grand opening, you'll get the grand tour yourself by Speed Demon Bryan Jackson in person to walk you through the House of Fast Wonders, by the Holder of the World Title.
    You've got to remember it is also still Parts Plus and the accompanying Signage as the graphics will vividly remind you.
    But you've also got to understand that Speedy Bryan also had a lot of encouragement, help and support by his wife Tina (who has undoubtedly prayed and crossed her fingers for safety and speed many times as husband Bryan tried for one-more new speed and daring record) and son Daniel, also a Sign Man and presumably a 'Cycle Rider himself.
    You've got to know that the family has visited many Tracks all over this country to amass this rare collection.
    The records and much more are all on display right here. It was a rainy day opening but folks just kept coming -- that's what Bryan and his employees hoped for as they put out the wet, but welcome mat.
    See it all while you can before the state comes -- at PartsPlus on East Main.--HVO

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