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Soil Tillage and Crop Rotation

Tillage and crop rotations are production practices that influence soil health in ways that impact both long run productivity and environmental outcomes, such as nutrient run-off and carbon sequestration. These practices can also be adjusted in response to evolving weather and climate patterns in farmers’ production environments.

An Explanation

(Ed. Note: In response to recent comments here to the effect that one doesn’t hear “plan of salvation” mentioned in detail or hinted at in some church sermons, readers asked for details. Not a minister, we refer to what is considered the “Plan” distributed by the widely known Billy Graham Association--

Help Record Church Names

EASTLAND COUNTY folks have always been a church-going people and guesses are that there ‘were’ more of the Baptist, Methodist and Church of Christ persuasion, Pentecostal, Holiness and others as well as very historic Catholic Churches in Ranger and Cisco.


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