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Ranger Times

30 or More years later:

30 or More years later:

Joe Wesley of Ranger lost his college ring years ago never expecting to see it again. A week ago a phone call came from Candy England and Bud Barker asking if Joe had attended North Texas College University. Barbara (Joe’s wife) answered: “Yes he did.” We were told they thought they had found his ring. Joe and Barbara, always helping in their community, had helped a widow lady 30 or more years ago on the property where the ring was found, while doing some plumbing work for the elderly lady they went to church with. Joe was Superintendent and Principal at Ranger schools for 25 years. Both he and his wife Barbara grew up in Ranger and continue helping in the community. They can be found at Ranger Nursing Center volunteering often.

New Union Pacific Railroad Museum Exhibit explores the rarely heard stories of the railroad industry

Ranger, Texas, October 19, 2022 – After a brief delay, the travelling exhibit from the Union Pacific Railroad Museum, “Hidden Histories of the Transcontinental Railroad,” will be available October 19 through November 4, 2022. Most of the past is hidden. Countless individual and group perspectives have been excluded from the historical record both deliberately and accidentally. There are stories and perspectives from the past that we can never know and yet people are uncovering hidden histories every day, not always by discovering long lost documents and artifacts. Sometimes all it takes is asking new questions and looking at old sources from fresh perspectives. “Hidden Histories” explores the seldom heard stories of railroad industry workers on the way to Promontory Point and the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, challenging everyone to examine the hidden histories in their own lives.


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