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Jaden on left and Joel on right who is 11yrs old and had a dream two weeks ago over and over again that he would meet a man dressed in black with a white beard and glasses and a Voice would speak and tell him you must listen to what this man says it’s very important.

Man of God Larry Goff Witnesses In Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

me you my trip to New York. It all started a few   weeks before I left, on May 7th. The Lord impressed upon me that this year I was

CSNP PIE-BAKING VOLUNTEERS - The Cisco Senior Nutrition and the SlowPoke Farm Market were busy Saturday taking care of the Pie-Baking Contest. Over 60 pies were entered into the contest. One contestant, Desiree Kilpatrick, commented, “These people were so sweet and helpful when we entered!”
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German Chocolate Pie. There were right at 60 pies to be judged. Now that’s a tough job!! If you or anyone you know is in need of Cisco Senior Nutrition


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