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Gorman Progress

Retirements and Promotions Open Doors for Others

Front: Brenda Madore, appointed Vice President of Accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness at Ranger College, and Dr. Matt Cardin; Back: Luis Ramirez, a native of Gorman, promoted to Dual Credit Director, and Dr. William Campion, President of Ranger College. Photo: Tommy Wells

Retirements and Promotions Open Doors for Others

Dr. Matt Cardin, Ranger College’s Vice President for Accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness, recently announced his resignation. Matt and his wife Teresa will be moving to Mountain Home, Arkansas, after a very successful six years at RC during which he proved to be an outstanding professor of English and religion, an enthusiastic sponsor of the annual Stephenville Fright Fest horror film festival, and a dedicated vice president who did a fine job for the college. Matt’s thoroughness and dedication to his work are very much admired by all those who have served with him on various projects, duties, and assignments.


SITTING IN Eastland City Hall Commission meeting Monday evening, an old man ruminates… originally break room for Texas Electric Service Co. (TESCO) Area Headquarters… Frank Sayre (bright young retired Army Captain) came here with wife Millie—they lived in an upstairs garage apartment when they first came to town to represent the MAJOR power company headquarters in Fort Worth… So many TESCO names: Mike Kizer, the man who re-built the original Connellee Theatre POP CORN MACHINE (now still in use… Emmett Lasater, friend, confident and busy civic developer, now with his wife in East Texas (close to the kids)… Time moves on… Was it Comanche Peak (nuclear power generating plant) that “sunk” the company??? Who knows.


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