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ECT Owner/Publisher H. V. O’Brien enjoys celebrating his 91st Birthday recently at his home in Eastland with family. Above daughter Amy O’Brien Glenn begins to cut a festive cake decorated to fit the happy occasion. We all join in to wish him a wonderful 91st year!
Photo: Vance O’Brien



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About D.L. Moody

D. L. Moody, having his father to die at his age of four, received an education equivalent to the fifth grade. Many who are familiar with his accomplishments as an evangelist, while ministering to children and conducting international ministry, may fail to realize his educational limitations. Knowing how to read moderately, he had to skip many words as he began his ministry teaching and preaching to children. The following quote from D. L. Moody is quite profound. Based upon the scripture found in Luke 18:17 Moody made the following statement.


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