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Rising Star

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IN MANY YARDS: With all the rains this year the Crepe Myrtles around the county are just beautiful with bright colors. Photo: Sheila Hickox

Book returned three centuries overdue

It’s not unusual these days to see reports of library books being returned years and even decades late, but a church library in Sheffield, England boasts the return of a book that has been overdue for some 300 years. The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] says the book was returned recently with a note of apology. Rev. Canon Keith Farrow, vice dean at Sheffield Cathedral, confirms that the book in question is a 1704 edition of The Faith and Practice of a Church of England Man. It turns out that it was found among the possessions of a deceased woman residing in Wales who left a note that the book should be returned to the church library upon her death. Farrow explains that back in the day when the Cathedral was just a church, it was well known for its lending library. He jokingly told reporters that “I’m trying to work out what the librarian’s fine would be – you never know, we might get a new roof or something with the fine! But I did promise the family I wouldn’t charge them the fine – they’ve returned the book and that’s wonderful.”

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4th of July

4th of July individual and sponsored firework shows brightened the night sky for everyone’s enjoyment in county towns. Staff Photo


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