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AT SOLID ROCK CAMP--On March 16th a group of kids from Tuscola, Alabama spent their spring break volunteering to help replenish Solid Rock Camp utilities. The group arrived on Monday and worked all the way to Friday. At the end of the week they had accomplished building new bridges for the trails, staining all the wood work they have out there, building new trash can holders, and so much more. The group was hard working, and dedicated to finish all the tasks they had to do.

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During all the social distancing Eastland County is helping the kids have a little bit of fun. A little teddy bear hunt is going on for the kids to have a little bit of excitement. The point of the game is to put teddy bears in the windows, and the kids to go driving around with parents, in search of bears. When you find it you take a picture and post it to the Facebook page. Once a week the host will pick a picture and give the winner a special surprise. Right now only Cisco is doing it but would like for all the towns in Eastland County to get involved. Host is Jacqueline Hernandez Reed. -- Brooke Reep


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