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Good Relationships

(Reprinted from April 8, 2021) Good relationships are founded upon the relationship we have with God and secondly with ourselves, The Bible tells us in the book of Mark; “and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart”,,, and ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ {Mark 12:3031} in other words, I need to receive the love that God has for me, and I also need to love myself…. that’s how I can love others.

“The Devil Went Down to Georgia”

One week before the Senate runoff race between Herschel Walker (R) & Raphael Warnock (D), four of us Texas Conservative Republican ladies, Robin Hayes, Beverly Pope, Amy Wright & myself flew to Newnan, GA to block walk for Hershel Walker. We arrived at the Atlanta airport & were met by Rhonda Lacy from Midland & Linda Hogue from Lubbock who transported us to Newnan, 30 miles away, where we enjoyed a good lunch, then walked around the picturesque courthouse square & enjoyed the many unique shops. After that we met other Republican volunteers from several different areas at the Republican Headquarters & phone banked until after 8:00 P.M. I believe there were 15 volunteers from Texas who came in at different times during the week to help Hershel. We volunteered Tuesday through Thursday & flew home on Friday. It was a great week meeting new friends who were volunteers & knocking on over 800 doors by our group of four alone. Newnan is a very pretty town built on hills which means we walked up & down hills all day & were ready to go to our rooms at night & relax. Even though it was very tiring & hard work, really, we thoroughly enjoyed our time together. As we walked & knocked doors & visited with those at home we were very encouraged as almost all of them had already voted early or were going to vote on election day for Hershel. We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express so you know we were much smarter when we left! (Laugh out loud). We realized during our stay that there is one of the largest & best cancer treatment centers, CTCA, in the U.S. in Newnan. Almost all the people staying in the hotel were cancer treatment patients & some of us were able to visit & pray with some of them. It was a blessing to us as well as to them. Unfortunately, we now know that Hershel Walker lost his bid for Senator of Georgia. It is very disappointing to all of us conservatives because we feel that Warnock is not a good man, claiming to be a pastor & yet, supporting abortion for all. The Charlie Daniel’s song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” sort of fits this election in one way but, in another way God was right there with all of us. Herschel Walker ran a good race but, God has another plan for him. I am so blessed to have been called by God to speak for conservative principles & those candidates who do the same. Sincerely, Pam White Eastland County Republican Precinct 1 Chair

My Oath Never Expired

I feel that I need to speak up. So, we traded an Anti-American WNBA basketball player for a known Russian Arms dealer, that sold weapons of war to the ones with the most money! It didn’t matter to him if they were terrorists, governments, or whomever. Didn’t matter to him if they were killing American Soldiers, as long that he got paid. Hopefully he won’t make too much money when he gets back into business, seeing as how we left so much equipment back in the Middle East when we withdrew! If America’s enemies need to know the weakness of say, the M1A2 Abrams Battle Tank, all they have to do is run down to Achmed’s used tank lot and pick up a few. For the low, low price of a dozen camels, you too can have a tank to strip down and test.


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