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Cisco College Basketball Team Honors Favorite Teachers

These merry folks at the score table of Cisco College’s basketball court were in the holiday spirit Sunday. They kept score and ran the clocks while the Lady Wranglers trounced the Texas Wesleyan College Junior Varsity team 91-29. From left are Rick Watts, shot clock specialist and a current member of the college’s Board of Trustees; Ed Murphy, scoreboard specialist and a retiree of Cisco ISD Maintenance; Kevin Carson, the announcing voice of Wrangler home games and a retired Cisco ISD teacher; and Kyndall Kaska, bookkeeper and Math professor.
Photo by Michael Garcia

Cisco College Basketball Team Honors Favorite Teachers

CISCO COLLEGE GOLD BUCKLE BALLJason Marks of Eastland Welding Instructor at Cisco College is pictured with his son Gavin who won a prize vest at the ball.
Photo by Linda Spetter

Cisco College Basketball Team Honors Favorite Teachers

The Cisco College Lady Wranglers basketball team has several star players this year, and one of them is Zanyra Adams, a 5’8” freshman out of Brennan High School in San Antonio. She is recognized nationally as a leading scorer and is also an aggressive guard.
(Photo by Linda Spetter)

Cisco College Basketball Team beats 2022 National Champs

The Cisco College women’s basketball team pulled a surprising upset Thursday, Dec. 7, by defeating Tyler Junior College 67-64. The TJC Apaches had won the national junior college championship in 2022 and had a 7-3 record so far.

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The Loboes win Bi-District. Pictured is Coach Kevin Stennett with the
Bi-District trophy. They beat Ozona 21 to 14.
Photo by Gary Stennett

The Loboes

The Loboes

Wow! You Have To Be Kidding! A Hail Mary Pass With 13 Seconds Left Cisco 21, Ozona 14

1st Quarter Kickoff to Cisco. 1st and 10 on C25. Julius Proffitt is under at QB (Where is Kanon Orsagh? The answer was that he had a concussion and wasn’t playing. This was the first Whow. Proffitt up middle 2nd and 6 on C29. Pitch back to Dillon Silva around LE. C45 1st D. False start 1st and 15 on C40. Pitch to Silva 2nd and 14. C41. Pass QB Thompson to Proffitt. 3rd and 6. C45. Timeout Cisco. 9:05 in 1st Quarter. QB Proffitt keeper to the 50. Flag. Holding. C39. 3rd and 16. False Start. 3rd and 21. C34. Incomplete pass to Kelton Desmond. 4th and long. Punt. Ozona’s ball. O38. 1st and 10. 7:56 on Clock. Complete pass. C49. 1st D. LT run. 2nd and 6. C45. LE run. TD for Ozona, plus extra point it was Ozona 7 and Cisco 0. 6:37 in 1st Quarter. Kickoff to Cisco. Cole Thompson return to C36. 1st D. Off sides on Ozona 1st D. on C40. Silva RE for 3. 2nd and 7. Proffitt at QB, keeper 3rd and 5. C46. Personal Foul on Ozona. 1st D on O31. Silva sweep RE. 2nd and 4 on O25. QB Proffitt keeper LT. 3rd and 2 on 23. QB Proffitt LT 1st D on O16. Silva RT 2nd and 6. O12. Silva LE 1st D on O4. Silva LE no gain. 2nd and goal from O4. Hart around RE for TD. With Williams kicking pt. It was Cisco 7 and Ozona 7. There was penalty on Ozona. Kickoff to Ozona from C45. 1st and 10 on O15. 2nd and 8. O17. Short gain. False Start on Ozona. 3rd and 13. Incomplete pass. 4th and long. Punt to Cisco and it rolled to C24. 1st D Cisco. A fumble. Ozona took over again on C16. Hard running up LS for 1st D on C8. 1st Quarter ends. 2nd Quarter Ozona’s ball on C8. 1st D. Proffitt made the next tackle on the C4. 2nd and 11. Counter up the middle. 3rd and 8. Incomplete pass. 4th and 8. Pass was complete, but Cisco held on the one yard line. Cisco’s ball. Pitch to Hart. 2nd and 9. from C3. QB Proffitt keeper 3rd and 1. C11. QB Proffitt keeper 1st D. on C14. Pitch or maybe you like the word Smash better, to Silva 1st D on LE. C28. Pitch to the left to Silva lost 2. 2nd and 12 on C26. QB draw by Proffitt 3rd and 6. Swing pass QB Cole Thompson to Proffit to the left side. Proffitt falls down. It was raining. 4th and 6 and a punt. Ozona’s ball. Face Mask call gave Ozona the ball 1st D on C42. Tanner Thompson stops Ozona for 2. 2nd and 8. C39. Short Pass complete. 3rd and 9. C40. Movement on Ozona. 3rd and 14 on C45. 4th and 2 after screen pass. C37. Timeout. 3:49 left in 1st half. Off RT for 1st D. C29. White stopped a 2nd Screen Pass. 2nd and 4 on C23. Up the middle. 1st D. C19. RS 2nd and 7. C16. Holding on Ozona. 2nd and 17 on C26. Long pass to left incomplete. 3rd and 17. Timeout Ozona. Silva defends. Incomplete pass. 4th and 17 Thompson defends and another incomplete pass. Ball goes over to Cisco. Cisco’s Ball on C26 1st D. 53 seconds left in the half. Sweep RE to C29. 2nd and 7. Pass to Desmond incomplete. 3rd and 7. 8 seconds left. 7 to 7 at half 3rd Quarter Kickoff to Ozona. 1st D. O35. Pass. 2nd and 3. LG run 1st D. O49. Completed pass. Hart made the tackle. 2nd and 5. C46. Screen pass LE 1st D. C39. RE run 1st D. C28. Off LG lost one. Bruner tackled. 2nd and 11. C29. Proffitt tackled LE run. 3rd and 7. C26. Incomplete Pass. 4th and 7. Complete pass. 1st D. C15. LE run. Silva made tackle on C6. 1st D. Over the offensive tackle for TD. 8:22 in 3rd Quarter. 6 + 1= 7. Cisco 7 and Ozona 14. Kickoff to Cisco. White returned to C45. Silva LE for one yard. Penalty against Ozona. Ball on O39 with 1st D. Silva went up the middle or ran a smash for 3. 3rd and 7. O36. Thompson ran to the left, but a flag was thrown. Face mask call. 1st D. on O21. Flare pass to Desmond. 2nd and 10. 2nd and 10. Silva around LE 3rd and 2. O12. Hart went around RE for 1st and goal. O10. Silva was hit in the backfield. 2nd and 11 on O11. Swing pass to Desmond for a TD. Extra point kicked by Parker Williams. Score was 14 to 14 with 4:17 left in the 3rd Quarter. Kickoff to Ozona. Ball on O36, 1st D. QB keeper tackled by Jackson Wilks for 5 yard loss. 2nd and 15 on O31, Swing pass to the left gained one yard. 3rd and 14 on O32. Completed pass to C45. It was 4th and one. Up the middle for 1st D. C48. LE run to C40. 1st D. 1:24 left in the 3rd Quarter. Haden Rains sacked the Ozona QB. 2nd and 14. C45. Completed pass. 3rd and 4. C33. End of 3rd Q Score 14-14. 4th Quarter Ozona had ball on C33. 4th and 4. Thompson knocked down a pass. The ball went over to Cisco on C34. QB Thompson was sacked for a loss. 2nd and 11. Pass Interference on Ozona. 1st D on C48. Silva went around LE for a long run to O40. Cisco gained 4. 2nd and on O41. 3rd D. loss to O39. 4th and 8. 1:41 . Timeout Ozona. 1:23 on clock. Ozona punted. Cisco took over on C30 with 1:17 left in the game. QB Proffitt dropped back for pass but had to run. He was upended at the 50. 1st D. Silva went around RE for 5. 2nd and 5 at O45, Sideline pass Proffitt to Thompson. 1st D. on O39. Incomplete pass on 2nd D. Proffitt forced out of pocket on a pass and it was 3rd and 10. 21 seconds left in the game. Long pass from QB Proffitt to Thompson for a TD with 13 seconds left in the game. He had to shake off a tackler and then he scored. The game ended Cisco 21 and Ozona 14. Kickoff to Ozona and their #11 had to leave the game. They threw an incomplete pass, and then the last play was a pass intercepted by Brayden Rogers. We started with a Wow! We ended with a Wow! Postscript: Cisco Loboes won a Bi-District Trophy and will play New Deal in Sweetwater on Friday, November 17, 2023, at 7:00. We hope and pray that Kanon Orsagh is able to play, but everyone appreciated the way everyone held together in spite of losing their valuable leader at QB. Ozona was big and had some hard running backs but our linemen played tough and held their own all night. I am sorry that the linemen are not mentioned more, but it is difficult when there is a mass pile up to see who all is involved, and also some JV players have rotated into the action, but without a program and not knowing who they are I cannot give ample coverage. And for the coaches, I know these plays have names that I don’t know and blocking schemes that are important that I also do not know. Keep winning and I promise to improve also. Addendum: I believe the person who traveled the longest distance to see the game had to be Chip Drumwright who drove from Denver—650 miles.


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