Gorman City Commission Meeting

Thursday, February 15th, 6:00 p.m.


Notice is hereby given that the Gorman City Commission will meet in Regular Session at 6:00 p.m., in the Gorman Community Center Commission Meeting Room at 118 S. Kent St. Gorman, on February 15, 2018 to consider the following agenda items: PLEASE

note that the meeting room is temporarily moved until construction work is completed at the Community Center.  Commission meetings are currently at 106 S Fisher, Gorman Housing Authority.


1.     Opening Prayer, Followed by Pledge of Allegiance and Texas Pledge, Attendance


2.     Call the Meeting to Order



3.     Approve the Minutes of the Previous Meeting


4.     Approve the Bills for Payment


5.     Reports for 1st Meeting, Requests, or Approvals of and From Department Heads: 


6.     Citizens Forum and In Put Maximum Five Minutes


7.     Members of the Gorman Events Committee Reference the Wine Festival


8.     Consider the appointment of Linda Simmons as the CGML Libraian



9.     Consider and Discuss the Approval of the Code Enforcement Contract as Recommended by the Gorman EDC


10.   Discussion and consideration of an ordinance approving the issuance and sale of "City of Gorman, Texas, Combination Tax and Waterworks and Sewer System Surplus Revenue Certificates of Obligation, Series 2018" and approving various documents related to such certificates of obligation


11.   Discussion and consideration of a resolution approving the execution and delivery of a loan forgiveness agreement and resolving other matters relating to the subject


12.  Consider awarding contract for the TWDB water line and AMR system and meters subject to TWDB approval


13.  Consider any issues or events of the remodel of the Gorman Community Center which need the Commission’s approval


Tacy K. Warren

City Secretary 

City of Gorman


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215 S. Seaman St.
Eastland, Texas 76448
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