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Rising Star

TSHA Seeking Applications for 2023 Research Fellowship in Texas History

Austin, TX – The Texas State Historical Association (TSHA) is now accepting applications for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) Research Fellowship in Texas History. The fellowship includes a $2,000 stipend and is awarded for the best research proposal utilizing the collections of the State Archives in Austin. The TSLAC Research Fellowship in Texas History is administered in partnership with TSHA and made possible by the generous support of the Texas Library and Archives Foundation. The application must include the purpose of the proposed research, collections of interest, a description of the medium of the product of the research, a complete vita and why the fellowship is necessary to complete the project.

Gypsies with a map dug on Dr. W. Carter’s place near Rising Star

Gypsies with a map dug on Dr. W. Carter’s place near Rising Star

Fifty-one years ago I interviewed Mrs. W. Carter of Rising Star, Texas, who said a group of Gypsies and their families came to their place just north of Rising Star in the 1930s and dug. She didn't think they found anything, but they did have a map. It was exactly like the one her husband's father had (she was the widow of Dr. Carter of Rising Star). There were three big live oak trees about 100 yards north of the Carter house which figured into the map. The one farthest west had a Cat face carved on it and had a round rock about 10 yards to the west of it with some Turkey tracks carved on it. The next tree was about 15 yards to the east and had an arrow carved on it, pointing east. This brought the 3rd tree into picture. It was about 50 yards east of the arrow rock. This location was two miles from Rising Star and just west of HWY 183; you can still see the old Carter brick house back in the mesquites.


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