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Letter to the Editor

It isn’t often that we feel the need to address public criticisms, but when they are broadcast in a county wide forum, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. However, before we delve into what could be construed as negative, we do have a few positive praises to give out. We would like to give a sincerest thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the 7 on 7 football tournament on July 18th. Also, thank you to Gorman ISD for allowing us to use their facilities. Gorman isn’t a rich town; we only have one 50 year old public baseball field to use for the community. If it weren’t for the school allowing us to use their facilities for games and fundraisers, the kids in this community wouldn’t have the same opportunities as kids in surrounding areas.

Letter to the Editor

Last Saturday, the eighteenth of July we had two to four hundred people crowded around our football practice field here in Gorman. We had an estimated 17 teams of 7 on 7 tournament. Each team has at least seven players; and others who support them. Then there are the Fans, ref’s and other support. We went to the field around ten a.m. and you couldn’t find a parking place!!!! The games were going!! I saw ONE MASK and it was hanging on a player’s neck. We were Shocked at what we were seeing!! I went back again between noon and two p.m. and they were going strong with the temperature around a hundred!! I returned after 5 pm and they were still playing but the crowds had dwindled. Some of the players had marked shirts on so we could guess where they were from. Don’t get me wrong; I love football; but doing this in Gorman during A WORLDWIDE Pandemic is Questionable!! If ONE player is infected with the virus, it can spread like a wildfire. Could this tournament have been played in Stephenville, or Cisco or Eastland? I Don’t Think So!!!!! Just letting the Readers Know!!


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