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County Agent’s Corner

It’s nice as I drive around the county to finally see some green plants out there, but as they say, “every coin has 2 sides”. On closer inspection, a lot of those green plants are “weeds”. Keeping with the “2 sides” saying, not everything about weeds is totally bad. If you are running livestock, many of those weeds are a welcome source of protein and animals, including wildlife, are making good use of lots of them. Beekeepers reap the benefits of weeds early blooms as bees are really getting busy now going from 1 to another turning pollen into honey. The wildflowers Texans love are mostly what some could argue are weeds. By definition a weed is “any plant out of place”, so if it is something besides what you intend to grow, it is a weed. Right now, there are a lot of weeds popping up in everyone’s lawns, flowerbeds, and gardens and the calls are coming in fast and furious.

Public Data For Property Owners in Eastland County

We’ve all advised in advance of Monday, April 3, 2023-- for in-person tax value discussions and that’s just around the corner, so it is obviously time for us to consider being prepared-- because we can be assured at the Tax Office and a board will be ready to “listen” to our opinion of values and then announce their own opinions of what they “think” of “the values” based on their own “walk around” valuations, or what they’ve been told.

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Bo McDowell and the Texas Touch Band at VFW last Saturday night.

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John and Karen Volpitta enjoying a night out at the Eastland VFW listening to the band.
Photos by Bob Hickox

Events at the VFW in Eastland

Ernest Smith with his wife Katrina and son Aaron. A large crowd met at VFW Post 4136 in Eastland Saturday night. Bo McDowell and the Texas Touch Band provided music for dancing and enjoyment. Others enjoyed playing pool.


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