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Eastland City Meeting September 18

By Vance O’Brien The Board of City Commissioners of Eastland was called to order at 6 p.m. on Sept. 18, 2023 at Eastland City Hall. Following was the invocation by member Richard Rossanger and pledge led by Mayor Larry Vernon. On motion by Cecil Funderburg, seconded by R. Rossander the minutes of the Aug. 21, 31 and Sept. 6, Sept. 8 meetings were approved. A financial report showed sales tax finishing in, 2022-23, by Sept., to be greater than 2022 by 9.47% and audit in good condition, according to City Auditor.

Film ‘Die Ecke’ approaches Death of WW II U.S. Soldier from many Standpoints

“I was following my intuition,” German film director/producer Christa Pfafferott said as she spoke to a large audience at the Majestic Theatre Sunday afternoon. They were gathered to view her film “Die Ecke” (The Corner) which delves into the death of an American soldier, Robert Wynne from Texas, killed in action as his division moved into the German village of Oberdorla during the end phase of World War II.


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