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The Ranger Veterans Support Group shown on top of bridge over interstate at Ranger last Sunday. A Marine was being escorted to the Metroplex to be buried and we wanted to pay our respects. Ranger Fireman and Police Officers from Ranger were also on the bridge to pay respect.

Larry Monroe, Group Leader

Ranger Times


At least 40 people have been baptized in a horse trough at The Woodbridge since its start in August 2016, and today, about 170 people participate in Sunday morning worship each week.
TEXAN photo

Love And Earned Trust --Fuel Ranger Church

(Editor’s Note: The following is an excellent article about very active Woodbridge Church in Ranger. It is taken from the Southern Baptist TEXAN, the news journal of the Southern Baptists

Larry Monroe, left, and Jesse Speer spreading the base material at the Vietnam Memorial Park in Ranger. Rains washed out the road in a few places and it needed repairing.
Larry Monroe Vietnam Memorial Park Committee Member

Vietnam Memorial Park Committee Repair Roads

Vietnam Memorial Park Committee repairs damage done to road in park by all the recent rain. The road was partially washed out and there was deep ruts in the road.


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